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I've done this twice - once with efilm and once with adhoc and both times i've used the same optical size, a vega vista 35, i want to use the same headlight for both so i can compare. Be warned - if you get a cheap kit from ebay it will fail after a couple of rides, the kit i got cost £25. This light was bought for my mk1 vr1000 fw in white, i use the same light on my mz125e for the pillion (white) and you will notice a difference in the quality of the light. Admittedly the mk1 looks better than the mk2 but for such a cheap light it does a great job. Advantages - cheap - quality optics - good beam pattern - just 4mm to get your hands on. Disadvantages - low outputs - hard to mount due to no protection plate - won't fit the mk1. I've had the light over a week now and have done a couple of 100 mile days and it does its job. You can put your hands on this light very easily if you know where to look, it is not advertised in the usual shops. This light is made by mikitronics and carries their 5 year guarantee. Price You get what you pay for here, for the quality you pay £25 which is a bit more than average but very good quality for the price. Did you find this review useful? Thanks for the valuable feedback you provided! R Richards 7/9/2011 Review of Numen+ Spark HL Numen+ Spark HL 5.0 Ease of Installation Ease of Use Features 4.0 Quality Value for Money By working with the same optic size i can compare my ad hoc, efilm, and this light. Ad hoc (affordable) is a bit lacking in the beam pattern due to using COB LED's, efilm is £40 which is similar to the ad hocs in the beam pattern and the light, I paid £25 for this light. The light's optical size




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CandyDoll Sonya M Set 09rar talwha
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