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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Northern Waves TV is confirmed and scheduled this year on the 31st of May 2018. The conference, presented by Norigin Media, will bring together the TV community to discuss the latest developments in TV Technologies and its impact on the business around it. The capital of Norway, Oslo shall play host to the event and is endorsed by leading broadcasters and pay-tv operators in Scandinavia.

The broadcasters and pay-tv operators feel a need to coordinate activities that will lead to organised choices in technologies and avoid fragmentations. Northern Waves 2018 will be a platform where key decision makers and advisors will present technologies and case studies of current topics within the TV-Streaming industry.

The headline programme for Northern Waves on Thursday 31st of May includes:

Morning Sessions 08:30 - 12:30


  • Codecs and Encoding - HEVC vs AV1, Encoding Efficiencies and Techniques

  • Software defined TV – Software based encoding and the cloud

  • Standardisation of encoding – Cases studies and overview on input and delivery format standardisations

  • Case study – Successful global delivery of the 2018 Olympics​

Afternoon Sessions 13:30 - 17:30


  • ​Personal advertisements in linear TV – the tech and the business

  • Addressable TV – The future broadcaster model

  • Leadership Debate (Pay-TV Operators) – Unification of Tech Standards

  • Case Studies – Android-TV, The 4rth industrial revolution in broadcast, Data Driven TV

The event will include a networking lunch, cocktails and a Gala dinner, to create a pleasant environment between industry peers, debates and celebrations of the industry achievements.

Scandinavia, often promoted as the TV-Tech centre of Europe because of its digitally forward consumers, strong connectivity of networks, content production and the multitude of TV-Tech companies based in the northern region of Europe. Oslo is an obvious choice to host this event, which shall present case studies from Canal Digital, Discovery - Eurosports, TV2, Telenor, GET, NRK, Riks TV and others. 

“Scandinavia is in the heart of the TV-Tech renaissance and the ideal place for operators to learn, debate and formulate a strategy for success.” To see the full agenda and to register your attendance for Northern Waves, please visit



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