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The Nordic´s Largest TV Conference Reveals 2023 Agenda.

Oslo, Norway (29 September 2022): Northern Waves, the Largest OTT-related TV conference in the Nordics has revealed its agenda which includes a fantastic lineup of keynote speakers representing a wide range of streaming TV service providers. Scheduled for the 19th of October 2023, in Oslo, this year's conference will feature speakers not only from the Nordics, but from mainland Europe, and the USA.

The presenting and organizing sponsor, Norigin Media, has hosted this event since 2018, including via a virtual format during the pandemic. Leading international broadcasters and operators including Norwegian Public broadcaster NRK, Denmark´s Pay TV distributor Norlys, as well as NBCUniversal from North America will be represented this year.

The day-long conference has a great line-up of speakers including:

  • Knut Arne-Futsæter, Research Director at Kantar Media

  • Juan Fuentes Fernández, Delegate to the Nordic Countries from LALIGA

  • Jatin Dev, Broadcast & Entertainment Partnership Lead at Google UK & Ireland

  • Anders Hässel, CEO of Nenda TV

  • Tanja Skjoldborg Lindboe, Head of Product Development at NRK TV

  • Jakob Vestergaard, Director of TV at Norlys Denmark

  • Sander Kouenhoven, CTO of NLZIET

  • Shannon McKenzie, Director of Creative Products at NBCUniversal

  • Bjarne Andre Myklebust, Head of Distribution at NRK

  • Marius Haugen, Head of TV Tech at Telia

  • Jonas Gustafsson, CEO of Allente

The agenda features exciting presentations across a range of topics that include modern technologies, innovative products, and unique case studies from leading streaming TV service providers. The presentations are planned to be 15 to 25 minutes long showcasing great learnings or launches in recent times within the ever-evolving streaming TV industry.

Mr. Hässel from Nenda will showcase how the B2B TV industry has been disrupted by Streaming TV solutions, while Ms. Lindboe will highlight NRK´s relevance with regard to the globalisation of TV streaming services, and Mr. Kouenhoven from NLZIET will introduce the successful conglomerate formed by leading broadcasters in Holland. This year’s panel, including speakers from Norwegian streaming leaders NRK, Telia, and Allente will discuss the strengths and issues within the Norwegian TV market.

The full-day event is hosted by Norigin Media, whose CEO Ajey Anand says “It is great to have speakers from all over the world this year! I take this as a responsibility to ensure we share knowledge between leading players in the streaming industry while having a great time. I look forward to meeting everyone, especially those flying in from abroad, to spend the day and evening with us, at this great venue, Gamle Logen in Oslo.”

Follow on Twitter: @NorthernWaves @NoriginMedia

For further information, please visit:

Catalina Skramstad

Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Northern Waves

Ajey Anand

CEO, Norigin Media



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