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Northern Waves TV 2022 Nordic TV Conference Scheduled in Oslo on 13th October

Oslo, Norway (14 September 2022): The OTT TV conference for the latest updates in TV technology, products and business model trends is confirmed to be in person on the 13th of October 2022 in Oslo, Norway. Northern Waves TV organisers have announced speakers representing leading broadcasters and operators from across the Nordics and Europe.

After a 2-year hiatus, Northern Waves 2022 will be a platform where key strategists and decision makers to present the OTT business value chains including pre-content production technologies, distribution methods and processes. Topics like ad-based video on demand (AVOD) and high-quality delivery methods with 4K and 5G will be prominent topics on the conference agenda.

Speakers include Camilla Amundsen, CMO at Telenor Norway, who will speak of securing quality TV content for consumers; Felipe Fernandez, Head of AVOD Product at TV4 Media Sweden, who will present topics around interactivity on CTV devices; and Mike Echternach, Partnership Manager Entertain at Deustche Telekom, will speak of the partnerships needed to maintain large operator TV services. Other speakers from leading broadcasters and operators from the Nordics include Jesper Dahl from PlutoTV, Nicole Östman from Viaplay, Jon Espen from Allente, Madelen Ottosson from SVT Sweden, Erik Vold from NRK Norway are scheduled to speak among others.

The event encourages the streaming TV and OTT service owners to introduce themselves and debate the current choices of technology or business models, where the industry will benefit from shared knowledge. The event will be a whole-day event in Oslo and is presented and organized by Oslo-based Norigin Media.

CEO of Norigin Media, Ajey Anand says “I hope for Norway to become the TV tech capital of Europe because of its digitally forward consumers, strong connectivity of networks, content production and the multitude of creative TV tech companies based here. It is great to invite everyone to Oslo to exchange some great ideas around OTT and TV”.

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For further information, please visit:

Catalina Skramstad Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Northern Waves
Ajey Anand CEO, Norigin Media



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